stack-of-boxesHow to pack for storage

  • Place the items you need to access frequently in the moving vehicle first so they will be in the front of the storage unit
  • Label boxes on several sides for easy identification
  • Use large boxes for light items and small boxes for heavy items
  • Store clothing in wardrobe boxes in order to hang them
  • Wrap wooden furniture, mirrors and picture frames in blankets or paper pads
  • Wrap dishes and glasses in packing paper and place in dish pack boxes
  • Use furniture drawers for storing china, silverware and small items
  • Store small, non-flammable items (pots and pans) inside large appliances
  • Drain fluids prior to storing lawn and garden equipment
  • Avoid storing anything combustible such as paint and chemicals
  • Label boxes and construct aisles for storing business files
  • Prepare inventory list of all stored items and keep in a safe place

How to organize your storage unit

  • Store items you need most often at the front of your storage unit
  • Leave a center aisle for easy access
  • Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes
  • Don’t stack higher than you can comfortably reach
  • Store large furniture on end to save space
  • Cover furniture with a dust cover
  • Keep empty refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar
  • Store shovels, rakes and hoses in empty trash cans


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